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15 Reasons to Backup Your Online Accounts

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online backup

We all know some of the main reasons to protect and backup our online accounts like Gmail and Twitter because of accidental deletions, server downtime and hackers, but how about these reasons as well:

1. China isn’t getting less fascist (read more)

2. IPv6 might break the internet

3. The shibboleet isn’t real

4. Cylons

5. You only have three passwords, don’t you?

6. Because even the encryption experts get hacked

7. ‘Anonymous’ is actually in charge of the Internet

8. Your digital dilemma is social media and the law

9. Backup your tweets because it was so fascinating the first time around, you know you want to read it again some day

10. Have you ever seen the Google support forums about data loss?

11. You were looking at your lead flow in Salesforce when your toddler decided to “play” with your computer

12, Because you are THAT guy who backups up everything

13. Your best friend left Facebook, taking all 200 pictures in which she tagged you

14. Because $50/month is better than a subpoena (read more)

15. On Friday the 13th – anything could happen!

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