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Your Gmail Backup Strategy: Part 3 – Peace of Mind

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I never planned to write a Part 3 of Your Gmail Backup Strategy, but after reading the Atlantic article ”Hacked!” by James Fallows, I decided to extend this series to one more post.

In the article, Fallows gives us a detailed account of the trauma he and his wife Debb went through when her Gmail account got hacked. Not only did the hacker send out emails from Debb’s account saying that Debb had been mugged on a trip in Madrid (and that she was in urgent need of money), but the hacker also permanently deleted Debb’s six years worth of invaluable data.

To illustrate the gravity of that deletion, he says in the article:

“Of her allocated 7 gigabytes of storage, 0.0 gigabytes were in use, versus the 4+ gigabytes shown the day before. Six years’ worth of correspondence and everything that went with it were gone. All the notes, interviews, recollections, and attached photos from our years of traveling through China. All the correspondence with and about her father in the last years of his life. The planning for our sons’ weddings; the exchanges she’d had with subjects, editors, and readers of her recent book; the accounting information for her projects; the travel arrangements and appointments she had for tomorrow and next week and next month; much of the incidental-expense data for the income-tax return I was about to file—all of this had been erased. It had not just been put in the ‘Trash’ folder but permanently deleted.”   

While I personally hope that this never happens to anyone, I know full well that the world does not work as I want it to. Disaster nearly always strikes without warning. Users can take all precautionary measures to protect themselves, choosing strong passwords and changing them on a regular basis and so on and so forth. But you know what? Debb did that too. Her password was judged as “strong” when she first chose it for use with Gmail, and we all know how that turned out. No defense is perfect, and any account can eventually be hacked.

This brings me directly to my motivation to start Backupify: Peace of mind.

I started this company not just to provide a backup for your Google Apps or other online services, I built Backupify to provide peace of mind to users in the event of disaster, be it accidental user deletion, hacked accounts or even temporary unavailability.

When I think of Backupify, I think of insurance — insurance for my car, my house and my health. I do not wait to buy insurance until after I get into a car accident. I buy it in advance to protect myself from the consequences of such events. The same rule applies to backing up my Gmail. So ask yourself this question: Am I going to wait until my account gets hacked to backup Gmail? Or am I going to get my Gmail backup in advance?

Backupify’s Gmail insurance costs less than a latte at Starbucks. I know my multiple gigabytes of Gmail messages — and the irreplaceable correspondence therein — are worth more than a venti mocha. I bet anyone who has lost important data online  feels the same way. How much is your Gmail account worth, and how much would you pay for peace of mind? Think about it, then try Backupify for free.

15 Reasons to Backup Your Online Accounts

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online backup

We all know some of the main reasons to protect and backup our online accounts like Gmail and Twitter because of accidental deletions, server downtime and hackers, but how about these reasons as well:

1. China isn’t getting less fascist (read more)

2. IPv6 might break the internet

3. The shibboleet isn’t real

4. Cylons

5. You only have three passwords, don’t you?

6. Because even the encryption experts get hacked

7. ‘Anonymous’ is actually in charge of the Internet

8. Your digital dilemma is social media and the law

9. Backup your tweets because it was so fascinating the first time around, you know you want to read it again some day

10. Have you ever seen the Google support forums about data loss?

11. You were looking at your lead flow in Salesforce when your toddler decided to “play” with your computer

12, Because you are THAT guy who backups up everything

13. Your best friend left Facebook, taking all 200 pictures in which she tagged you

14. Because $50/month is better than a subpoena (read more)

15. On Friday the 13th – anything could happen!

Still not convinced? See what others are saying about having an online backup here.