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Seamlessly Protect Your Domain by Automatically Adding New Users to Backupify

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Just last a short time ago we told you about a feature we launched to make adding users to Backupify easier. The lone drawback to our new system? You still had to go to the trouble of, you know, actually adding users. (We’ve actually gotten complaints about this.) Well, consider that problem solved.

Google Apps domains admins no longer need to add users to Backupify one at a time. Instead, you now have the option to automatically add new user accounts to Backupify when you create them on your domain. This feature is located in the ‘Account’ tab → ‘Domain Settings’. (See screenshot below)

Those of you managing large domains no longer need to visit Backupify every time you add a new user account to ensure it’s backed up. Instead, you can rest assured that every new account added to your domain is automatically protected. Save time, avoid worry — that’s a feature we can get behind.

Check it out and let us know your feedback!