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After Two Years of Living in the Cloud, I Wouldn’t Be (Completely) Mad If I Lost My Computer

MSI laptop computer

At Backupify, we’re one of those companies that believes in “eating our own dog food.” We preach that, with a proper backup, there’s no reason you can’t rely on the cloud as your primary data storage system. That’s a fine thing to say if we’re not living up to that standard ourselves, which is why [...]

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Why Maryland’s Employee Facebook Protection Law Is (Sort Of) A Bad Idea


Maryland is standing up for privacy rights and data ownership, as the Old Line State is set to ban employers from demanding access to employee social networking accounts. In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a growing national trend of corporations, schools and state agencies requiring a handover of Facebook passwords so employers can monitor and [...]

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What the ‘Girls Around Me’ App Dust-Up Says About User Behavior (And Your Security)


The web-centric moral outrage du jour is currently centered on a tasteless iOS mobile app called Girls Around Me, which in its most polite moments has been decried as a creeper app and in less forgiving terms as the ultimate online tool for stalkers. Girls Around Me aggregates public check-in data and, at the user’s [...]

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