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Design Within Reach Protects Multiple Cloud Applications with Backupify

Design Within Reach Uses Backupify

If you’re a fan of beautiful, modern furniture then you’re probably a fan of Design Within Reach – the source for the best in modern design, specializing in clean and simple furniture and accessories. Design Within Reach relies on the cloud, specifically Google Apps and which the company adopted back in 2011 to give [...]

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Auberge Resorts Adopts Google Apps for Unified Employee and Customer Experience

Auberge Resorts

Auberge Resorts is a collection of award-winning luxury hotels, residences and world class spas. In 2011, the company made the switch from Microsoft Outlook to Google Applications to unify the systems leveraged by their 2,000 employees and the customer experience across their seven properties across the United States and Mexico. This is their cloud story. According to Tim Dickson, Auberge [...]

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Bay Cove Invests in Backup to Protect Valuable Google Apps Data


Bay Cove Human Services, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that provides services to individuals and their families who face the life-long challenges of developmental disabilities, aging, mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction. Here’s their backup story. Boston-based Bay Cove leverages Google Apps for Nonprofits, which provides the company’s 160+ locations with free access to [...]

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RED74 Protects and Restores Google Apps Data via Backupify

RED74 IT Solutions

RED74 provides information technology consultation and resources for businesses of all industries. The company works with clients to customize the most effective I.T. strategies for how they do business, including a game plan for data security and disaster recovery. That being said, RED74 knows all about the importance of backup. According to Tim Coleman, President of [...]

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Credo Technology Group Protects Company Data With Backupify’s Google Apps Backup

Credo Technology Implements Backupify  to Protect Google Apps Data

Credo Technology Group gets it. As IT professionals they know the value and importance of backup and how data loss can have a serious impact on a business. This is because Credo Technology Group provides corporate and consumer IT and marketing services. Credo currently uses Backupify’s Google Apps and Social Media back up products to [...]

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