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Mark Feldman is the Director of Lead Generation at Backupify.

How I Backed up Our Entire Salesforce Account in Under 20 Minutes

Complete Salesforce Backup

There are some amazing things brewing at Backupify. So many, in fact, that we needed to perform a major upgrade to the way our backend platform and our CRM (Salesforce Enterprise Edition) talk to each other. If you have ever backed up your Salesforce system before, you have likely spent hours performing the time-consuming tasks […]

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Preventing Data Loss in the Cloud: What Customers Want

I took my marketing hat off to work a day in Backupify’s customer support department. While solving issues for our customers, one thing became very clear to me: people have a strong emotional attachment to information that belongs to them, whether it be their photos, documents or email messages. They want their information to be […]

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