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Google Apps Security in Minutes: The Settings You Need to Review Today

Google Apps security in minutes

If you’re running the Google Apps domain for your company and you value security, there are several settings that should be reviewed every month or so. Don’t worry, reviewing these Google Apps security settings should only take a few minutes. Below is a handy Google Apps security checklist. For in-depth details on these seven steps, [...]

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4 Ways to Secure (and Monitor) Google Apps Administrator Accounts

securing and monitoring Google Apps

As a Google Apps Administrator, you’ve already changed the obvious security settings. You increased the required password length to more than the minimum of 8 characters. You checked the box to allow people to use 2-step authentication. You’ve even customized the password assistance message in Google Apps to display the phone number for your help [...]

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Why You Need to Use Google Vault and Backupify Together

Google Vault and Backupify together

“We use Google Vault with Google Apps, so we’re backed up, right?” In a word: no. At most, Google Vault preserves email and allows an authorized person to search existing Google Drive files. Google Vault provides email retention, search and export for organizations that use Google Apps for Work. An Apps administrator creates a “matter” [...]

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How to Configure Google Apps for HIPAA Compliance … Or, At Least Secure Your Apps, Docs

HIPAA compliance for Google Apps

If you’re a health care professional, you likely send email, save documents, and schedule appointments. In the U.S., HIPAA mandates that you take steps to secure a person’s “protected health information”, or PHI. Too often, an organization allows people to store PHI data on laptops. When a laptop is lost or stolen, the organization is [...]

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