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The Best Android, iPad and iPhone Salesforce Apps

Try opening in Safari or Chrome on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll end up zooming-and-clicking, and struggling to tap just the right spot. Mobile apps make navigation simpler for users. Here’s the best of the bunch. Salesforce Mobile for iPhone and Android provides basic access to your core Salesforce data via a [...]

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How Using Google+ is Like Getting a Puppy for Christmas

English: Google plus one

Gifts are funny things. When Google introduced Google+ they announced it as a free gift: “Here — have another social network!” Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan and Mike Elgan, all tech-savvy writers, embraced Google+ with the enthusiasm of a youth receiving a puppy as a Christmas present. The Google+ folks proudly announce each new feature – Video [...]

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Chatter Together: When Salesforce Social Makes Sense… and When It Doesn’t

Welcome to Powerpoint on PowerPoint

Your presentation is complete. Before you send it, you’d like someone else’s opinion. If your colleagues are nearby, stick your head in their office and ask for feedback: “Hey, would you take a look at this? What do you think?”  Your physical presence ensures a response. More likely, though, you’ll send the presentation to your [...]

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