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Salesforce Behaviors: from Data to Discussions

Tracking data used to be as difficult as tracking time but Salesforce has changed that

In the Middle Ages, timekeeping was difficult — and centralized. A town, church, or an estate would hire a clockkeeper to maintain a large, complex timepiece. A clockkeeper had to understand math and mechanical objects to keep a clock working. Today, we check the time on our phone or watch. More than a decade ago, [...]

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Google Apps Outlook Sync: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Office sync with Google Apps

Some things go together better than others. A piano plus an orchestra yields a piano concerto. An electronic synthesizer with drums, guitars, and vocals, might create a rock band. Switch it around — put the piano with the band, or the synth with the orchestra — and you’ll get an entirely different sound. Pairings matter [...]

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The Best Android, iPad and iPhone Salesforce Apps

Try opening in Safari or Chrome on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You’ll end up zooming-and-clicking, and struggling to tap just the right spot. Mobile apps make navigation simpler for users. Here’s the best of the bunch. Salesforce Mobile for iPhone and Android provides basic access to your core Salesforce data via a [...]

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