The 4 Best Google Apps Migration Tools

moving 77,000 e-mails to Google AppsNo two Google Apps migrations are the same, and neither are the best tools for each migration project.

If you’re migrating users from one Google Apps domain to another, we humbly suggest that Backupify Migrator for Google Apps is where you should start. You can move Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Contacts data with a single function.

If you’re moving a single Outlook mailbox to a Google Apps Gmail account, the Google Apps Migration for Outlook tool is your best bet. This tool snags all your email PST files, all your Outlook calendar data and all your Outlook contacts and drops it into Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts, respectively.

If you’re moving your entire mail server to Google Apps, the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange tool is your software of choice. Don’t let the name fool you; the Exchange Migration tool can grab PST files from almost any major IMAP server, including Courier, Cyrus, Dovecot, Novell GroupWise, SunMail, Zimbra and even other Google domains.

If you need to move shared mailboxes to Google Apps (and you aren’t afraid of a little basic software development work), the Google Apps Group Migration API can get the job done. The API lets you programmatically translate shared group email inboxes into Google Groups on your Google Apps domain. Your sales department, tech support team and executive committee can still have a shared, common inbox without any of the manual rerouting or migration typically required to recreate this functionality in a Google Apps domain.

The right tool can make your Google Apps migration project immeasurably easier. If we’ve missed any vital tools, please let us know in the comments below.