Top 10 Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365 Comparison Guides

Microsoft Office 365 LogoIf it is time to upgrade your Exchange server, you are probably struggling with the same issue as so many other IT departments – do you move your email to the cloud? You have heard the arguments that the cloud saves you money, and the counterarguments that it really doesn’t. You have read a thousand different analyses of Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. an Exchange upgrade — and you still haven’t made a decision. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

The Backupify research team has put together what we consider the ten best guides to Google Apps vs. Office 365, so you can make an educated decision about which platform is best for your company, or if you should skip the cloud altogether and stay on-premise. (Full disclosure: We at Backupify might be a bit partial to Google Apps for Business since we’ve created a third-party application that serves as a Google Apps data backup.)

1. Google Apps vs. Office365: Your Choice from ZDNet. This post by Revevol founder Louis Nages does a great job of digging into the core architectural issues that I.T. departments may be concerned about.

2. This ReadWriteWeb article considers Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. Zoho, and we chose it because it tries to normalize the three across the standard user dimensions any IT department would use to evaluate the platforms.

3. In Google Apps vs. Office 365: It All Depends, an Interop panel analyzes both suites and provides some thoughts.

4. In Which Should You Use, Lifehacker looks at both apps from a user’s point of view.

5. Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business enlists one of NetworkWorld‘s Microsoft beatwriters to take a quick, high-level comparison of both products.

6. In Google Apps vs. Office365: Top 10 Enterprise Concerns, InformationWeek takes a point by point in-depth view of the issues a large enterprise will face when making this decision. This is one of the more detailed investigations of both applications.

7. In a slightly biased article, the Microsoft professional tradepub RedmondMag highlights user feedback about both Google Apps and Office 365. Take it all witha grain of salt, but any positives about Google Apps that show up here must be impressive if Microsoft loyalists mention them.

8. In this betanews piece, a reseller of both products discusses Google Apps vs Office 365: Which wins over users? It’s a an interesting companion piece to the RedmondMag comparison.

9. In Google Apps v. Office 365: Head-to-head comparison of features, TechRepublic’s Enterprise Cloud blog sets up a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that serves as an analysis tool for determining which suite is best for your company.

10. And finally, we save the best for last. UC Berkeley wrote the most in-depth matrix on Google Apps vs. Office 365 published to date. It is a great place to start if you are evaluating both products.

BONUS: Office 365 vs. Google Apps White Paper. We commissioned our own independent review of both cloud productivity suites and discussed which solution is best for which customers.

Both Google and Microsoft have aggressive roadmaps, and migrating between the two applications is no easy task. So it is important that you make the right decision for your company and stick with it for the next few years. We hope these guides can help.

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    And this one is six! Dealmakers and deal breakers for Google Apps and Office 365, plus in-depth feature comparisons.

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    too many out-dated articles in this list… a lot has changed on both sides of the fence in 2012

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    Agreed. For an article published 11-30-12 I am surprised to see such old information. I would love to see something written within the past month or two now that Office 2013 available to business and Microsoft’s online Office suite is much more fully featured. Office365 is getting ready to undergo a transition to 2013 soon that will update things again.

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