Who did what to whom? Backupify’s Audit Log will tell you.

Today we’re pleased to announce our new Audit Log functionality for our Backupify for Google Apps Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans as well as our Backupify for Salesforce product.

We wrote in an earlier blog post about how enterprise customers are different from smaller customers, and one of those main differences is in the level of audit required. While some backup services provide only a bare-bones audit (or none), we’ve provided the kind of details our customers have told us they have come to expect from enterprise-grade solutions.

With Backupify, the Audit Log will record not only that an admin performed an action, but also a description of the change made, the time and date the change was made, as well as some other technical details like IP address. For example, if Bob the Admin added five new users, the Audit Log will record the user IDs and the domains they were added to. If Bob downloads a document, the Audit Log shows the filename as well as time and date of download. When Bob views another user’s email or document, that view will be recorded along with the detail of which item he viewed. If Bob changes the API settings on his company’s Backupify for Salesforce instance, the Audit Log will reflect this.

In short, everything your organization needs for a comprehensive record of who has done what to whom is recorded in your Backupify Audit Log.

Current Enterprise customers have this feature as of today; simply click on Account at the top of your admin console then look for Account Activity Log on the righthand side of the screen. If you’re not an Enterprise customer but would love access to this level of control, speak to your account rep about upgrading (or simply contact

At Backupify, we continue to see growth in companies with hundreds or thousands of users — in the last few months we’ve welcomed Marin Software, eResearch Technologies, MidAmerica Mortgage, and Sungevity, among others. While these companies operate in different markets and different geographies, they share a desire to protect their data, and at the same time ensure that their internal security policies are maintained. That’s why they chose Backupify. Stay tuned for more enterprise features for Backupify for Google Apps and Backupify for Salesforce!