Announcing Backupify Enterprise Edition: New Features and Prices for Large Organizations

increasing data volumeThis year there has been an increasing number of stories about the growth of Google Apps in the enterprise space (Roche announced its move of 90,000 employees to Google Apps in February, Google announced ISO 27001 certification in May), and as we’ve mentioned before, Backupify has directly observed the movement of large companies to Google Apps from our own user base.

Organizations like the Museum of Modern Art, the Financial Times, Jawbone, Park Hotels and Auberge Resorts have selected us to backup their Google Apps data, not to mention large schools like Rice University and Berklee School of Music. As we’ve worked with these organizations we’ve learned a bit about how they differ from their smaller colleagues.

The primary lesson is that large organizations aren’t just bigger versions of small organizations – with scale comes some fundamental differences. In addition to more users and more data, large organizations have:

  • More complex organizational structures
  • More legal requirements
  • More domains and subdomains

As an example, a smaller company generally has one person acting as the Google Apps administrator, while a larger company may have a person in each division who handles that group’s Google Apps needs. Small companies generally don’t worry about retention periods, while a large company may have defined retention periods for certain types of documents. A small company generally operates one domain, while a large company may use multiple subdomains and even multiple primary domains.

Today I’m pleased to announce the new Backupify Enterprise Edition, designed to better meet the needs of these larger organizations.

The first elements of the Enterprise Edition are new Backupify features and a public commitment to roll out specific features on our future development roadmap. Today we are announcing two new features available to our Backupify for Google Apps Enterprise Edition customers:

  • Subdomain support – Ability to manage multiple Google Apps Subdomains from one Backupify account. This makes it quick and easy for admins to monitor multiple subdomains in one place.
  • Increased backup frequency – Enterprise-level backups will run three times a day. For companies with 24/7 operations this ensures that user data is safe no matter when it is created.

Over the next several months we plan to roll out additional features to enhance our Enterprise offering. We’ll describe these features in more depth when they are released, but here is a quick summary:

  • Centralized management of backups for Google Apps and Salesforce
  • Support for multiple admins with specified roles and permissions
  • Enabling auditing of admin activities
  • Increased support for purging data from backups, including configurable data retention periods

The second element of the Backupify Enterprise Edition is pricing. Large companies often have a sizeable number of users who store very little data, so the “cost per seat” model doesn’t work well for them. To address this need we have introduced a per-storage price. Companies will be able to back up unlimited users with up to one terabyte of data for $990 per month, with the option to buy additional storage as needed. The Enterprise Edition feature set will also be available on a per-seat basis so you aren’t required to opt for the storage-based pricing plan to access all our Enterprise features.

Obviously enterprises need more than features and pricing; they are also concerned about security and access. We continue to work with our outside penetration-testing partner, Rapid7, to ensure that our network is secure against any type of attack. And in the last year we upgraded our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cover not just service availability (i.e. you can get to our website and access your data) but also backup reliability – we promise that your backups will happen every time. This SLA is unique in our industry.

We’ve seen the trend of larger companies moving to the cloud and we’re hoping we can help accelerate that movement by reassuring organizations that they will always have a secure second copy of their data, and by giving them the tools they need to manage that data. We’ll keep you updated on our product update page as we roll out new features, and we’d love to hear your feedback on other features or services you think enterprises need to feel secure in their transition to the cloud.

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