[Infographic] How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Critical Cloud-Based Business Data?

On the forefront of the 4th of July, Independence Day, we thought it’d be appropriate to do a little something around independence – and independence not around the holiday, per say, but around your data. Think about all the cloud-based applications you currently use and how your data is stored in them. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how “free”, “independent” and “liberated” your data is?

The below infographic accompanying a study we conducted on data liberation is appropriately called the Data Liberation Awards. Data liberation is the practice of easily and completely exporting or removing a user’s data from an online service. We set out to determine how “data liberation friendly” the top SaaS applications on the market really are — and it starts with the questions below.

  • Can I get my data out in an interoperable, portable format?
  • Does it cost money to do so? How much?
  • How much of my data can I export?
  • How long does it take to do so?
  • What is the process?

For enterprises, data liberation boils down to how much control you actually have over your company data. Think about it: You store customer information, financial data, marketing collateral, planning spreadsheets (the list goes on) all in the cloud. How much of that data can you easily move within an application, among different applications and even export locally to your computer? All of those capabilities determine how much control you have over your own data.

We evaluated nearly fifty of the top SaaS applications in the market today on the above criteria to develop the first ever Data Liberation Awards.

Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think. Do any of the statistics surprise you? Are there trends you see? Are there other top applications we should include in the next Data Liberation Awards?

(Click here to view the full list of rankings for all applications evaluated)

Data Liberation Awards

View the full list of rankings for all applications evaluated.

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