Why Your Business Needs Backup for Google Drive (and How to Get It)

Google DriveAs a Google Apps user myself, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Google Drive and am excited that this useful tool is here. As a longtime user of Dropbox and Google Apps, Google Drive promises a convenient consolidation: bringing desktop synchronization into an app I already use. I can get all the functionality of both with one less icon, one less piece of software. It’s the promise of a slightly simpler world.

File backups for Google Drive made simple

As you might expect, we at Backupify have been preparing for the release of Google Drive over the past few weeks. I’m happy to let you know that our Backupify for Google Apps service fully supports Google Drive! Because Google Drive is an upgrade to Google Docs, all of your Google Drive data will now be backed up along with your Docs, and can be found today within your “Google Docs” archives.

Coincident with Google’s rollout of Google Drive, we will be re-labeling the “Google Docs” backup services in Backupify as Google Drive over the next couple of weeks, to match Google’s new branding.

Security in your cloud services

One thing I’m already noticing, though, is how much more of my critical business data is landing in the cloud than before, now that I’m using Google Drive as my sync-service. This only underscores the continued need to back up your cloud application data. Remember: synchronization is not intended to be a backup: all the deletions and corruptions you make on one machine are faithfully reproduced everywhere you sync. Always have a backup plan.

As your cloud-app backup provider, one of our responsibilities is to stay on top of the latest releases and enhancements from all the cloud applications we back up. Our engineering staff is focused on keeping your business protected and your backups up to date.

  • http://twitter.com/KevenElliff Keven Elliff

    Will Drive backup be limited to Apps users?

  • http://twitter.com/backupify Backupify

    Hi Keven, I just saw your tweet about this so thank you for reaching out to clarify. To reiterate, and for anyone else wondering, Google Drive is available for both businesses and individuals, thus our backup supports both types of accounts. Our main focus right is on our Google Apps backup product which is why we specifically highlighted the benefit of Google Drive backup to Google Apps users, but any user with a Google Docs account that has signed up for Google Drive can now backup their Drive with us. 
    – Kristin 

  • http://twitter.com/KevenElliff Keven Elliff

    Thanks Kristin. When I look to add the Google Docs service by going to 
    https://app.backupify.com/services/new – I don’t see any Google product other than Google Apps. What am I missing? Thx.

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  • David Block

     Hi Keven: Google Apps is a convenient way we to group Google Docs/Drive with other Google Apps like GMail, Contacts and Calendar.  This way, even if you are backing up more than one of the apps you can enter your OAuth credentials just once.  If you authorize Google Apps, then your Docs will be included.

  • http://twitter.com/AdviceFountain Advice Fountain

    If I were to accidentally delete a file on Google Drive and didn’t notice it for several months, would it still be backed up? How long does Backupify keep those deleted files?


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  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-block/0/386/437 David Block

    Yes: the file would still be backed up! We keep your files for as long as you maintain your backups with Backupify.

  • Maddy

    I am using google drive, but the only question i have in my mind is
    if i delete the folder in my PC (i.e the Google drive folder) will i still be able to find the files online which were moved to that folder previously by me ??


  • cj cole

    how safe is are my business plans online using google docu??