In Honor Of World Backup Day I Deleted My Gmail Account

Delete key on PC keyboardToday is World Backup Day. The best way to observe this relatively new holiday is to check your backups and test your restores. Data loss does happen, and regular testing of your backups makes sure you are prepared and helps you avoid a catastrophe. I decided that, in honor of this new holiday, I would put my faith in my own product delete my entire business Gmail account then test a full account restore using Backupify.

I should be clear that the video you see below is really me really deleting my entire email account. This is my business account for Backupify, which is more than 2 years old, and contains important emails about fundraising, key partnerships, employee hiring, and many sensitive and important business matters. After I did this, I was actually sweating. It’s nerve wracking to think about how hard it would be to reconstruct all that data, and how lost I would be without it. Not to worry though, Backupify came through and restored everything with the click of a button.

One third of all data loss is user error. That doesn’t go away when you move to the cloud. Add to that a world where more and more third party apps are accessing your data via APIs and any bug in any one of them could cause data loss. So on World Backup Day, be sure to backup your stuff – on your PC, on your mobile device, in the cloud, or wherever else it may be. So Happy World Backup Day. Celebrate by watching me delete my entire Gmail account.

Deleting and Restoring (with Backupify) Entire Gmail Account from Backupify on Vimeo.

  • Sarah Price

    Whoa Rob, ballsy! It is great that you stand behind Backupify and you should be proud of your service.

    For those of you reading along — please don’t try this at home! :)

  • willshaker

    doh! Was going to check out your service, but your site is down…hopefully your data is safe :)