Coming Soon: Google Apps Domain to Domain Migrator

In the early days of Backupify, one of the most common requests from our user base was to build migration tools to help them move between cloud services. Today we are happy to announce the private beta launch of our first migration tool at This first tool is a Google Apps to Google Apps domain migrator and, like all Backupify products, it was built to make a complicated process simple, automated, and cost-effective.

The Backupify MigrationApp transfers Gmail (including labels and status), Docs (collections and permissions included), Contacts (groups and categories), and Calendar (primary and secondary) from one Google Apps domain to another. It is perfect for these commonly requested cases:

  • Migrating a company domain you have acquired to your own domain
  • Migrating an entire Google Apps account to a new domain because of a domain name change
  • Migrating users across domains (for example, moving students who graduate to an alumni domain)

The app will be free for a single account on any domain, and cost $15/account for migrations after that. However, if you sign up now for beta access, you can get MigrationApp for 50% off. The first migration is free, and every additional MigrationApp transfer you purchase costs a mere $7.50.

Other features include:

  • Self serve application – Easy set up and a single click to start migrations
  • Monitor Progress of migration at any point in time
  • Notification on migration completion, including details of data migrated
  • Error reporting in cases of exception during the migration process
  • Migrate data within the same Google Apps domain or between Google Apps domains
  • Uses OAUTH2, so setting up authenticated domains is fast, easy and secure
  • Uses existing Backupify infrastructure, domain expertise to ensure security and reliability

If you need to move all your data from one Google Apps domain to another, and would like to try our tool (and receive a 50% discount), fill out this short form to receive early access to the Backupify MigrationApp.

  • Andy

    When will this be available as I have an urgent migration to do now.

  • Pia

    There are many Google Apps-Apps Migration services available who really do this service at the best and also cost-effective, visit Google Apps Marketplace and search for Migration.