Backupify’s SLA Upgrade, And Why It Happened

Satisfaction Guaranteed Sticker (Vector)

For the past three years, Backupify operated without a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA). We did so for two reasons.

First, because most of our architecture is built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), we passed Amazon’s SLA through to our customers. Secondly, in the early days of Backupify, our business customers were mostly under 1,000 employees, and that customer segment didn’t ask much about SLA, and usually found the necessary legalese of a formal SLA to be an unnecessary burden. (Frankly, to many small businesses, the only SLA they care about is a support phone number they can call when something goes wrong.)

Over the past year, we have seen multiple organizations with more than 1,000 employees sign up for our Google Apps backup service (you can read about one of them here), and this customer segment is always very interested in our SLA. After much feedback from these customers about what a web application backup SLA should contain, we are excited to announce a new Backupify SLA. Below are the key points.

1. 99.9% uptime on the front end of the website. This insures that we will be up when you need to access your backups.

2. Guaranteed complete daily backups, once your initial backup is completed. While we complete the majority of initial backups in a single day, Google’s API limits won’t allow us to pull all the data from large accounts in a single 24-hour period. However, once that initial backup is done, we guarantee completed daily backups going forward.

3. Remedies if we don’t complete your backups are:

We extend your term by 3, 7 or 15 days depending on the impact of the problem:

Downtime: 3 days if over 99%, 7 days if over 95%, 15 days if under 95%

Backups: 3 days if we miss 1 day, 7 days if we miss 2-4 days, 15 days if we miss 5+ days

Over the past 3 years, we have made significant investments in the quality, reliability, and scalability of our platform. Those investments have allowed us to introduce what our lawyers and PR tell us is an industry-leading Service Level Agreement, and become the first cloud-to-cloud backup provider to guarantee completed daily backups of your data. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions or comments. The full Backupify SLA is available here.