Top 10 Cloud Computing Experts to Follow on Twitter

We live in an information age, where it is easy to get lost in the sea of content made available to us each day. One way to take charge of your daily dose of relevant news and information is to follow people on Twitter. With that in mind, here is our list of top 10 leaders to follow in the cloud computing space.

Adria Richards1. Adria Richards
Adria Richards is a tech consultant specializing in workflow efficiency. She is also a very familiar face at blogging and technology conferences across the country and has inspired thousands by helping them embrace their inner geek.

We follow Adria to get the latest in the world of Cloud Apps, Social Media, Google Apps and SaaS. Adria never fails to update us on the important talks and conferences going on in the tech world and even provides her expert opinion on topics affecting businesses and consumers alike.

Twitter handle: @adriarichards
Recent tweet: “Just got email invite to test drive Real Time Google Analytics!

Susan Cline2. Susan Cline

Susan Cline (aka Google Apps Expert) specializes in developing and delivering adoption solutions for organizations moving to Google Apps. Susan has also authored a series of Google Apps courses on the subjects of Google Docs, Google Mail and Google Calendar.

We follow Susan to get deep insights into anything and everything related to Google Apps. Susan’s our go-to resource for bridging the gap between understanding what Google Apps is and actually using it to its full potential.

Twitter handle: @GoogleAppsSusan
Recent tweet: “10 reasons to trust Google in business We’ve got a lively discussion going on in the comment section #googleapps

Steven Peltzman3. Steven Peltzman

Steve Peltzman is the Chief Technology Business Officer at Forrester Research. He made his bones as the CIO at The Museum of Modern Art during MoMA’s landmark $858 million building project (which included a great deal of technology infrastructure).

We follow Steve to understand the scope of IT and technology integration in businesses today, all from a successful CTOs perspective, along with the words of wisdom that Steve often dishes out during the day.

Twitter handle: @stevenpeltzman
Recent tweet: “Understand that #cloud risk is not a single entity but one in a long, long chain. What’s the total risk chain of NOT going cloud?”

Ben Kepes4. Ben Kepes

Ben Kepes is a business analyst that specializes in the cloud — specifically how online apps can increase business agility. When he’s not writing about cloud-based organizations, he’s directly advising or participating in them.

We follow Ben to get his expert views on enterprise software, software integration, platforms and infrastructure but most importantly, we admire Ben for his exceptional ability to articulate technology simply for everyday users.

Twitter handle: @benkepes
Recent Tweet: “For the one person on the planet who doesn’t agree that Steve Jobs was prescient, watch this #Cloud #Amazing

David Linthicum5. David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, but he still finds time to regularly write about developing trends in cloud computing, SOA and data integration.

We actively follow David to get the latest in the world of technology as it happens. Expect David to fill you up with news and reviews on topics ranging from data analytics, business intelligence to cloud-based applications and integration.

Twitter handle: @DavidLinthicum
Recent Tweet: “Beware Best Practices, they can kill productivity, innovation and growth – Adopt Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter

Krishnan Subramanian6. Krishnan Subramanian

“Krish” is an ex-physicist turned tech evangelist who dabbles in a dozen subjects and pursuits at once. The Next Web named Krish as one of the Top 25 Influential Voices tweeting about Cloud Computing.

We follow Krish for a sneak peak on high impact topics in the fields of Open Source, Cloud Computing and the interface between them. Krish also occasionally treats us with his tweets on progressive political ideas.

Twitter handle: @krishnan
Recent tweet: “Gmail’s new theme should let me set the “Comfortable, cozy or compact” setting for each device/browser instead of account. #besmart

Matt Rosoff7. Matt Rosoff

Matt Rosoff was the the founding editor at CNET from 1995 to 2000. Today he’s Silicon Alley Insider’s West Coast Editor. In between he was an analyst for Directions on Microsoft for 10 years. We wish we had his resume.

We trust Matt to keep us updated on the latest in the world of tech and the developments in the valley. But what’s most entertaining is the wittiness Matt adds to his tweets, that make them a must-read.

Twitter handle: @MattRosoff
Recent Tweet: “Look At How Google Is Backing Away From The Idea Of Google+ As A Social Network $GOOG

Loraine Lawson8. Loraine Lawson

Loraine is a tech journalist with bylines that span IT Business Edge and TechRepublic, with content aimed squarely at CIOs and high-level IT managers.

Loraine tweets regularly on key issues of data and process integration, such as SOA (Service-oriented architecture). Follow Loraine to get quality information and views in the data integration sphere.

Twitter Handle: @LoraineLawson
Recent Tweet: “So, no opinions on integration and internal clouds? Is internal #cloud an oxymoron? I feel like it is.”

Om Malik9. Om Malik

Om Malik needs no introduction but for those (few) who don’t know him;
OM is a venture partner at True Ventures and founder of the leading tech blog, GigaOM, which was named among the top 100 most influential blogs on the Web, by CNET. Om has closely watched the Internet revolution and is one of the most well-connected people in the valley.

We follow OM for his great insights on VCs, hot startups in the tech industry, future of social networks and basically everything you would want to know about the Silicon Valley.

Twitter handle: @om
Recent Tweet: “my counter argument to Mark Z that without Silicon Valley there wasn’t gonna be Facebook. Read before commenting. :-)

Kevin Jackson10. Kevin L. Jackson

Kevin L. Jackson is the founder of the Cloud Musings blog, which covers the rather niche (but giant) topic of cloud adoption by government agencies. Kevin’s street cred comes from his post
as General Manager, Cloud Service at NJVC, a heavyweight tech contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

We follow Kevin to keep up with cloud computing related technologies and their use in public sector to support net-centric operations. Kevin expertise is reflected in his tweets and that is precisely the reason we follow him.

Twitter Handle: @Kevin_Jackson
Recent Tweet: “NIST releases ‘Bible of cloud implementation’
So, that is our top 10 list of people to follow in the cloud computing space. Please feel free to add to this list if you have someone you like following to get your dose of the latest in cloud computing. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Check out @iamondemand as well.

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    Thank you for the mention! 

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  • Travis Balinas

    Like the list – definitely a good mix of perspectives. This is borderline shameless promotion but I would recommend @PlatenReport. (!/PlatenReport) I work with him at Zenoss, a Physical, Virtual & Cloud Monitoring Software Solution, and he’s by far the smartest guy I know. He’s new to twitter right now and is getting the hang of it, but I would throw a shout-out his way for countless reasons. 

  • Anonymous

    Kristin, this is a great list I had already been following half the list but now I have updated my stream.  Thanks also to Travis for the trackback to this post from his post @zenoss 

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    Great list. 

    I would add @backup_review:disqus  to the list.

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