4 Reasons You Can Entrust Your Business Data to Google Apps

trustWith over three million businesses currently using Google Apps, and five thousand of them (and counting) using Backupify since our launch of Google Apps backup, two things are clear – businesses trust Google with their data and are simultaneously implementing IT best practices by ensuing they have a backup plan.

Why, you may wonder, have three million businesses chosen Google Apps? Aside from their impeccable management of large volumes of data, there are several other highlights. Last month, Google outlined the top ten reasons why their customers trust them.

Below, we’ve expanded on four of the top reasons which seem to be the most prominent when thinking of Google Apps:

1. Advanced administration tools give domain owners control of their data

Whether managing a five- or 500-person domain, you know it’s always important to have the right management tools for documents, services and access rights. Google Apps administrators recently upgraded to powerful tools to manage and maintain their account, including multi-domain support, SSL enforcement, mobile device security controls, user policy controls and customized delegated admin privileges. These enhanced features provide admins the control they need when overseeing that much data. Administrators rest assured that their data is safe and protected at all times.

Backupify doubles-down on these enhanced controls with full domain searches, the Notifications tab, and the Admin Dashboard. With Backupify, Google Apps administrators can closely monitor the backup status of every account under their care, ensuring that both frontline and backup data are secure and available.

2. Two-Step Authentication

Google Apps offers two-step verification, adding extra security for all your data. As explained by PCMag.com, “When enabled, users will have to enter their passwords as well as a separate code that will be sent to mobile devices before gaining access to products like Gmail or Google Docs.” When talking with many customers of ours, they’ve expressed the comfort and security they feel knowing Google is taking their data privacy very seriously.

3. High availability

The benefit of cloud services in general is the 24/7 access you can acheive from essentially anywhere with an Internet connection. Google Apps is the poster child for cloud productivity. Do you have an employee working remotely in another country? No worries – they can still receive emails in real time, collaborate on Google Docs and and schedule events easily. If you have night owls working at your company, they can access Google Apps anytime, day or night.

The same goes for Backupify. We realize people love the complete access to their data at all times so we provide the same functionality to all our customers. More importantly, with Backupify, you can access data even in the rare event Google Apps is offline, or a user error or security breach has destroyed the original information in Google Apps.

4. Information security expertise

As explained by Google itself, “We employ an information security team of over 250 people with a wealth of expertise not found in most organizations.” Simply put – they hire the best of the best that work tirelessly to ensure your data is safe, secure and available at all times.

You can read the wealth of information they provide on the multitude of Google help forums, and for paid Google Apps accounts, there is a direct support line you can call for any issues or questions you have. It is evident Google Apps customers come here both to consult with Google experts themselves as well as the vast community willing to help each other out.

By now, if you are already familiar with Google Apps, you are probably aware of at least a few of these main advantages. The extensive growth in the line of Google Apps features and their continued improvements to the platform shows the true strength and expertise of the Google Apps team – both in engineering and marketing.

Google Apps is a clear leader in both cloud SaaS solutions and data management and we can only foresee this emergence continuing. What are some other ways you’ve seen Google Apps mature to fit the enterprise market?

Google is dedicated to continuing to educate the market as to why businesses trust them with their data. In their blog post quoted earlier, they finish off by stating, “Over the next few weeks we’re going to dive deeper into each one of these areas to provide more details why Google Apps customers trust us with their business data.” Be sure to subscribe to their blog for these updates and feel free to share your thoughts on them with us!