Download and Export An Entire Google Apps Account with Backupify’s Snapshot Tool

google appsWhat do you do with important email and documents when an employee leaves?  In the on-premise world, there was a standard process for the IT department that included generating a .PST of the employee’s inbox and archiving their folders on the company file system.  But what do you do when your email and docs are all in the cloud?

Many companies have policies requiring them to archive email account content for several years. With cloud-based email, this usually means keeping the ex-employee’s email account active, albeit unused and still paid-for every month (for up to 7 years in some cases)! This situation is especially expensive for companies with lots of employee turnover. We’ve heard from a lot of customers looking for a way to archive Google Apps account content locally so they can re-assign unused Google Apps accounts. And now we have a great answer…

backupify snapshot toolLet us introduce you to Backupify Snapshot—our new tool that enables people to archive Google Apps data by downloading and storing it locally, so they can delete or re-use ex-employees’ accounts.

Currently in public beta, Snapshot extracts all the Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Contacts and Google Site content from a single Google Apps account and compresses it into an easy-to-extract ZIP file, that you can download to your local machine. With an archive of this data, you can now delete or re-assign the Google Apps user account without losing anything!

Snapshot Details:

  • Gain complete administrative control over your Google Apps domain by being able to clear out and re-use or delete old accounts.
  • Download Google Apps data locally.
  • Liberate your data.  With the capability to now download, save, migrate, etc.  your data from any account, you have complete freedom over your domain account.

How it Works:

  1. Visit and click ‘Get Started, It’s FREE’
  2. Type in your domain and click ‘Login with Google Apps’
  3. You will be brought to your Google Apps domain account to login and grant Snapshot access to your domain account. This will allow Backupify read and write access to your domain as required by the Google Apps Marketplace.
  4. Agree to our terms of service
  5. Select accounts to be archived and downloaded and the process begins!

(Note: The first full-account download is FREE. Every consecutive download costs just $10 – compared to the cost of retaining this account, you have already saved your business $40 per account!)

We have heard time and time again from IT departments that they want the same tools, workflow, and control of data in their cloud deployments that they had with their on-premise software deployments.  Backupify Snapshot allows IT managers on Google Apps to establish a clear archiving and de-provisioning process for departing employees that mirrors their old Microsoft Exchange workflow.

You get one download for free, so try it out today at