What To Do When Google Deletes 7 Years Of Your Life

Last week, we came across the widely spread story of a man named Dylan who was locked out of his Google account where he had built up over seven years’ worth of data. The worst part was that Google didn’t even acknowledge his issue and was apparently unwilling to help.

Imagine if you were Dylan. Perhaps you run your company’s email on Gmail, save critical business plans on Google Docs, and have all your important business contacts stored in Google Contacts. One day, you log into your account but are denied access – almost as if your account never existed.

In the midst of freaking out, you search the web for ways to remedy this problem. All you find are the multitudes of Google help forum posts (like this and this) of users having the same issue — but response or resolution from Google.

Now what? Where do you turn?

Truth is, Google is infamous for a lack of customer support. However, they are very well known for a plethora of powerful web apps like Gmail. What is one to do when they you much want to use Google’s free apps yet are hesitant to entrust Google to saving all your data?

Simply put, backup is a best practice, regardless of whether your data is stored locally or in the cloud. No matter how technically competent Google’s staff or physically redundant Google’s systems – a failure on Google’s part leaves your data vulnerable to inaccessibility, corruption or outright loss.

If your organization would be disrupted by the inability to access data in Google Apps, you should have a backup of your Google Apps domain and any other Google services you use.

At Backupify, we have spoken to many users who love Google yet are a bit reluctant to give them 100% control over their data. They find a safety net in Backupify since we provide a separate, third party backup and archive of all this data in the case that this information is ever inaccessible – such as in Dylan’s case.

We recently heard from some of our users on why they trust Backupify to safeguard their Google Apps data:

“Easy, cheap, unbelievable peace of mind – if you’re not using this, and just trusting the beneficence of Google, you’re making a very uneconomic decision to forgo this cheap insurance.” – John M.

“I love Google Apps, but it always made me nervous that we had all our email activity in their servers only. Backupify allows you to create a backup of your emails and other information, like Google Docs, so we’re not dependent on one provider only for our info.” – Miriam S.

“It’s great to have a simple, daily backup to protect our company data. Google’s great, but I hate putting all of our eggs in one basket.” – Greg B.

Want to understand how a Google Apps backup works and why so many people are realizing the need for it? Download our free whitepaper How (and why) to backup Google Apps” to learn more.

  • http://twitter.com/CLK55 Riot Nrrrd™

    Anyone who would trust ANY 3rd party company – Google, BackupIfy, anyone – with all their data is a complete fucking idiot.  I can reach down and touch my mail server, reach over and touch my Web server and the rest of my data is sitting here within arm’s reach.

    Turning over your data to a company like Google to be data-mined and no accountability (customer support whut?) is the mark of insanity.

  • Anonymous

    And if the building that holds your mail and Web server were to burn down, or be flooded, or a tornado or earthquake or any other natural disaster (or burglary) should happen to take your data, your backups would be … where? Who would be the complete *ing idiot then?

  • Kristin

    Hi Greg – to clarify, our backups are hosted 100% in the cloud using Amazon’s cloud. So if any type of natural disaster were to occur this would not affect the data whatsoever. Amazon’s cloud is the most reliable service and has the lowest downtime of all cloud providers hence why we chose them to host our data to ensure unlimited uptime for our customers.

  • Kristin

    Good points you bring up here. Yes, it is inherently understood that when you start putting your data on Google, you lose some control of ownership over it. However, when you can store it on a third party service like Backupify you are able to take back control and even download this data locally if you’d like to ensure it’s there no matter what happens on Google.

  • Example392


  • whoknows

    it is stupid not too keep your own info with you. it is your own fault. besides google is becoming less friendly user and turning to the dark side of the internet