UPDATE: A Backupify system upgrade is underway

If you are an active Backupify user, you may have noticed that your backups did not update yesterday or that there is no data available on your Archives page. Don’t worry, your data isn’t gone. We’re just working through some minor technical upgrades that require us to pause our backup processes for a short period.

If you haven’t heard the buzz, here are the 2 main causes to our temporary database downtime:

Due to these two major events, our backup queues got a little larger than normal, so this latest upgrade, while planned, required us to add more database nodes than anticipated. Like most other web apps where data integrity is of the utmost importance, we put our site in maintenance mode when we do an upgrade. Most of the site should still function normally, but you can’t view your archives page.

Don’t worry, your data is fine. However this process may take a day or so to complete. Thus, if you visit your archives page and don’t see your data, don’t be alarmed.

If you have any questions on our system status, follow our Twitter feed for updates.

Thanks for your patience!

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  • Stefan

    Sorry, but i don’t get it. YOu are inviting all Googlemail Users who have trouble with their data to back them up to your service and then you don’t have the capacity to back it all up? And now nobody’s data is backed up??????

  • Myers

    It is called supply and demand.

  • http://www.estebankolsky.com Esteban Kolsky

    no, it is called improper technology planning

  • Sean

    Congrats on having too much demand, that’s a great problem to have (in the short-term).

    Thanks for your honesty regarding the growing pains, and rest assured that some of us out there in the technology world understand that there’s no magic bullet for exponential growth. Apparently Esteban doesn’t have a budget for his technology projects and can always plan for infinite capacity.

    Those who live in the real world know that stuff happens, and it’s how service providers respond to inevitable hiccups that really shows their mettle. So far, so good.

  • http://techvirtuoso.com Michael Stanclift

    I’d be a little alarmed if I was paying for this service.

  • Kristin

    Thanks for understanding, Sean. The demand and buzz has been great and we’ve just about got our backend capacity up and running again so we can handle this and future instances.

  • Kristin

    Many came to us before we even started offering the promo code. Once we did, it became a hit but we did not expect the enormous volume of signups that we actually ended up having. We’re working on maintenance that will help speed up the current backup processes and all further ones that may occur if an incident like this happens again. We did expect significant growth, but not this much so we acted fast to start fixing our backend to accommodate all the new accounts.

  • Rjkale

    Its called a state of sudden outburst of demand… hope so Backupify will learn through it and be better well planned the next time such an demand occurs by placing backup resources to work…

  • Anonymous

    just sayin..

  • Anonymous

    i would be alarmed if i migrated from gmail,
    because gmail is off,
    and suddenly..
    bacukpfy is off to.

    out of luck.

  • Backup

    Aren’t you using Amazon AWS? Which is cloud? Which is scalable?
    Why can’t you scale up instantly?

  • GF

    It’s been 14 days since I signed up (3/1) and I still have a FAILED back up for my gmail acct. I called the customer service number and was promptly dumped into voice mail. I have no idea if Backupify was open, closed or out of business. I tried to send a technical support email and when I hit send, I get a message that says ERROR: That Page Not Available.
    Sounds like you have no customer service acumen, inadequate equipment and the inability to forecast an influx of customers based on market trends.
    It looks like the above update was posted on Mar 8, so 6 days later nothing’s changed? Don’t you think updating your issues is more important than inviting people to your SXSWi cocktail party?

  • Mark

    All I can say is I’m glad my free trial is for a year. I really want this service to work and I’m willing to stick around for a little longer to see if you can get your act together. If I had to decide whether to pay after only a month, it’s very unlikely I’d stick around. At this rate, I’ll be surprised if any of my mail is backed up at all before the end of that first month.

    Good luck, but I think I’ll be investigating a homebrew AWS solution in the meantime.

  • James

    A backup service needs to be reliable, ESPECIALLY when there is a problem with the data or service that is being backed up — like the recent Gmail outage. What good is a backup if (a) you can’t access the backup when you need it, or (b) the backups don’t run reliably? When Gmail went down–for a very small percentage of users–so did Backupify.

    17 days later, and Backupify is still not working for new signups.

    Having your service stop working is bad enough, but using the excuse of increased user signups due to a Gmail outage that occurred almost 3 weeks ago is frankly unacceptable.

    Far worse, though, is Backupify’s apparent attitude about the problem: no updates on the blog, no status page to update users, conflicting/incorrect information given on the service page and from support staff (“within 48 hours”, “2-3 days,” “by the end of the week”). Instead, lots of tweets from SXSW and blog entries about parties.

    Party on, dudes — serious business users will be looking elsewhere for services that can keep the promises they make, and that treat backups seriously.

  • Mark

    I really don’t want to pile on, but I thought day 29 of my 1 year trial would be a good time to reflect on where things stand. Today would be the day I would have to decide if this service was worth spending real money on. As of now, most of my data has been backup up at least once, although none of it seems to be updated daily or at any regular interval. Some of my data has still not been backed up at all. Some of my data is in an indeterminate state. (“Indeterminate” meaning that the history tab shows a mixture of failed and incomplete jobs and it’s hard to tell exactly what has been done and what hasn’t without sifting through all the data.)

    Overall, it looks like they’re catching up, but I’d be hard pressed to say I’d fork over any money based on the performance so far.

    My ongoing concern is this. If the sudden addition of 15,000 new users (not a big number IMO) has caused such chaos, what will happen when Google has a real failure of some kind? How can we expect this service to respond to the sudden demand of people trying to access their backed up data? I don’t know.

  • Kristin

    Hi Mark, I completely understand your concern. As we are still a fairly new company, we are learning the best ways to scale in an event like this. This recent event has allowed us to ensure our system can expand and function properly through incidents like this and any similar ones. We have added extra capacity and have the ability to mend issues much quicker now. This is all in the nature of a startup but rest assured that if anything does happen to your data, we are able to retrieve it for you – we have done it for several Gmail and Flickr users so far already. If you have specific questions, please contact support@backupify.com and they will be happy to answer any further questions.