4 Best Places to Migrate Your Delicious Links

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In case you hadn’t heard, Yahoo is shutting down several of its Web properties, most notably the Delicious link-sharing service. (Yahoo and Delicious have posted a vague response to the news leak, boiling down to “Yahoo wants rid of Delicious, so we hope someone else takes it over.”) That leaves Delicious users in a quandary — what do I do with my links now?

There are a number of sites you can transfer them to and enjoy much the same (if not more) functionality that existed on Delicious itself. Many of these services can directly import from Delicious, and for those that don’t, Yahoo will reportedly allow all users to export their Delicious links before shuttering the site. (And for those of you that used Backupify to archive your Delicious links, you know you’ve got an exportable/importable backup. Thus ends the shameless plug.)

Below are the four best options for your post-Delicious link life.

Pinboard.in is absolutely the best Delicious alternative, except that it isn’t free. You’ll pay a one-time fee of about $9 to signup (the cost escalates as Pinboard gets more users, so act now). For $25 a year, Pinboard will save a copy of the actual page you bookmarked a link to — forever — and will allow full text search against those snapshots. Here’s Pinboard’s own comparison of itself and Delicious. Pinboard isn’t quite the link discovery tool that Delicious was, but it’s probably the best pure link archiver out there.

Diigo is your preferred Delicious successor if link discovery and group linksharing is your main goal. Diigo has all the browser plugins and sharing widgets you could ask for, and it allows you to highlight and annotate any link (or page cache) you save, throw it in a public or private group, or label it with a public or private tag. The base level is free; if you want to do lots of highlighting or screencapping, you’ll need to spend $20 – $40 per year.

Licorize organizes your saved links into projects, so if Delicious was a Get Things Done tool for you, Licorize is the way to go. You can’t use traditional tagging, but that’s a feature, not a bug, as Licorize funnels every saved link into a kind of action item. Only save the links that actually lead to progress. Licorize is free, but if you want to share your projects with others, you’ll need to spend $5 per month.

Evernote is arguably the most popular notetaking — and content-saving — service available today. If archiving all your favorite links and page caches and camera snapshots and audio notes and anything else any web-connected device can capture  in one place is your primary goal, Evernote is the service for you. It lacks, however, any of Delicious’ public-facing tag tracking or global trending options. Evernote is your notebook of the web, so don’t use it if sharing is your main goal. Basic Evernote is free but your uploads are limited; you’ll pay $5 a month to take the brakes off and let others edit your notebooks.

Honorable mentions

Google Bookmarks – While strangely unconnected to other Google products, you can build Delicious-like functionality with lists — but it takes work. Still, it’s free, at least until Google abandons it like it did Wave.

Zootool – Similar to Delicious, but focused heavily on image sharing.

Connotea – An academic reference tool similar to Delicious, but with almost no public lists or tag sharing.

Faves.com – A more basic Delicious clone, which uses crude topic aggregation rather than conventional tagging to organize links.

Historio.us – A Delicious clone predicated on full-test search of links, with little to no group or tagging functionality.

Just remember, any online service can shut down at any time, and not all of them will be as professional about it as Yahoo. You may not get notice, and you very likely won’t get an export option. Protect the time, energy and data you’ve invested with a third-party backup like Backupify.

Because the smart ones always have a backup plan.

  • http://theRamenNoodle.com/ the Ramen Noodle

    Delicious isn’t truly shutting down. http://goo.gl/PLuEO

    Such is the consequence of interpreting unofficial, leaked information.

  • http://twitter.com/jaygarmon Jay Garmon

    That’s a pretty vague non-denial denial. basically, Yahoo is getting rid of Delicious. If someone steps up and is willing to take it over — on Yahoo’s terms — it MIGHT survive. That’s not the same as a guarantee of continued operation.

  • http://theRamenNoodle.com/ the Ramen Noodle

    Perhaps. But we saw Xmarks clearly declare that they were closing and then LastPass bought them (a perfect fit, in my opinion).

    Then again, in a world of Xmarks and Twitter, is the social aspect of Delicious necessary anymore?

  • band

    First let me say I’m a fanboy. However, I have not had a successful backup of Delicious since last May. And when I wrote to support about it I was told that it wasn’t working since Delicious had changed their API. So either you do support Delicious backup, or you don’t. And if you do, how come mine only worked once?

  • Anonymous

    Dude, no way man, now that is just WAY too cool! Wow.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3WOAYACH5UMPXHTYG5PEY62PWE Stephen DelVecchio

    Xmarks survived due to so many of it’s users reaching out to any viable company and putting the bug in, they also offered to pay for the service. This coupled with a willingness from Xmarks not to let their user base down were able to work something out. I hope Yahoo takes the same route with Delicious.

  • http://backtype.com/alwillis Albert Willis

    In case you need to go manual, you can get your Delicious bookmarks via the command line: http://bit.ly/fn6fW7

  • http://mojaam.tumblr.com mojaam

    Yep, shutting down or not, backing up your delicious bookmarks sounds like a good idea right now. I’m just going to download the xml using https://user:pass@api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/all and slowly try to import and organize them into Google Bookmarks.

  • http://twitter.com/rtchris Chris H.

    I recommend everyone try YourVersion. With YourVersion you can import both your Delicious bookmarks and tags (it keeps your public and private settings for each bookmark). YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that lets you discover, bookmark and share tailored web content (news, blogs, webpages, tweets and videos) by your specific interests. In addition to the website, YourVersion has free mobile apps (iPad, iPhone and Android) and browser tools for all browsers that lets you bookmark your discoveries to the YourVersion website as you browse the web. Try it today: http://YourVersion.com

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com SDsc0rch

    you don’t include springpad here because…….. why, exacyly??

  • Chinmaya Sn

    I put them all on to Xmarks

  • http://twitter.com/backupify Backupify

    Thanks for letting us know, Chris!

  • http://twitter.com/backupify Backupify

    We’re still having some issues with it unfortunately. We hope to have it back and running soon (although the API may change again if they are bought by someone else…)

    Sorry for the disruption in service. All other services should be working fine.

  • Robertjm

    I’ve been playing with different replacements to delicious this morning and one thing that may have changed since you wrote this is that Licorize DOES allow you to tag your bookmarks.

    Right now I’m looking at Licorize and Xmarks. The advantage of the latter is you can bundle it with lastpass, for password protection; another thing I’m considering of implementing.

  • http://pattayagirls.blog.com/ Pattaya Girls

    Xmarks and stumble upon are prob the most popular options, personally most of my bokmarks are not about subjects i want to share.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to comment here!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know about Licorize. Sounds like a great option, I hope others will use this if you highly recommend it.


  • Alex

    There’s also pearltrees.com !

  • http://jtsnake.myopenid.com/ Jake

    Just migrated to Google Bookmarks via this free tool:

    Worked like a charm.