Top 10 Cloud Computing Blogs to Read

The best way to stay on top of any industry or topic is to read and learn from the best. At Backupify, we do the same in order to share the most up-to-date and relevant information on cloud computing with you and to continuously improve our own service offering.

We can’t be selfish about learning though, so we want to share our top five favorite blogs on cloud computing with you. Read them, subscribe to them, and share them with your friends!

1. CloudAve. CloudAve is a great resource for cloud-based commentary and analysis on all things cloud and SaaS. This site is not just another cloud-loving blog, they actually give insightful analysis on the industry. You will find that CloudAve comments on general business trends, tips and tricks for using the cloud, application reviews, product release analysis, and strategies to implement cloud services.

2. TechCrunchIT. This is an enterprise-focused subset of the larger TechCrunch site. This site is dedicated to profiling new tech products and companies in the enterprise tech space. TechCrunchIT seeks to promote emerging and existing enterprise technologies and then analyzes their impacts on a commercial, social and consumer level.

3. Digitizd. Digitized is a site devoted to helping people find and understand new technologies. Whether it is promoting new appliations or helping readers understand their current cloud services, Digitizd is a great resource. An interesting aspect of Digitizd is that they don’t throw jargon and acronyms at you, they speak in general terms about highly technical stuff so anyone can understand it.

4. Thinking Out Cloud. This blog is run by Geva Perry, a software executive, cloud computing blogger and advisor to companies in enterprise-based software and cloud computing. He provides great feedback and input on new technologies, cloud computing trends, and technology analysis.

5. On Cloud Computing. This company helps businesses create websites, servers and storage that can scale on demand using a controlled and flexible instances. Their ‘Latest News’ section reports on up-to-date cloud computing trends, developments and announcements. This is a great spot to learn from experts on cloud implementation and the companies that are excelling in this space.

6. In(tegrate) the Cloud. This blog focuses on data integration as on-demand services including SaaS data integration, cloud integration, integration as a service and data quality. We have found that this a great place to learn ways that companies are and can integrate applications into the cloud.

7. Perspectives on Cloud Computing. This blog outlines some of the best strategies to build and deploy applications to the cloud. Many businesses are faced with this issue, so this blog helps companies understand how to migrate to the cloud.

8. The Wisdom of Clouds. This is a subset of CNET News. This blog discusses application servers, mobile trends, code, PCs and databases; a little bit of everything all in one concise blog.

9. Cloud Computing Journal. This journal is a compilation of top news, blog posts about the cloud, whitepapers, and event and conference announcements. The Cloud Computing Journal is essentially a centralized hub of all things cloud related.

10. Cloud Computing blogs RSS. This is a syndicated list of all blogs cloud computing-related if you want to continue your search to find more blogs associated with cloud computing to read and learn from.

Feel free to add to this list if you have a favorite cloud computing blog that you enjoy reading.

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