What’s New At Backupify

What a whirlwind of activity at Backupify in the past few months!

Between moving the company to Boston, launching our enterprise-focused Google Apps Backup, looking for a Ruby/Rails engineer and constantly getting user requests for different service offerings, we have been quite busy.

However, busy is a good thing. As a small, new start up, we sure are trying to do big things. We are constantly learning (especially at the Structure 2010 Conference held in San Francisco last month), speaking with users, going to events, and improving our service offering.

If you are a frequent visitor to our blog, website or social media networks, we’re sure you’ve seen the surge of activity. Our site has gone through some redesigns and is not done yet. Our blog is updated daily now with the most up-to-date articles discussing Google, social media, data loss, online security, and more. Our social media presence has increased dramatically on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well.

We are dedicated to not only learn more about the most recent developments in cloud computing, backup, and data liberation, but to teach all of you as well. We also love to hear your feedback and answer any of your questions, which is why we are there for you on social media.

In the weeks and months ahead, be on the lookout for even more announcements and service releases as we amp up our company even more. Between new hires, more available resources, and a very supportive community (both the Boston community and our user base alike) we are going to really hit the ground running!

Thanks again for all your support!