The employee that creates your company Facebook Page could own it forever

RAAAAAAHHHH He-Man Broke Facebook!
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UPDATE: Facebook recently rolled out a fix to this very problem. Page creators can now be deleted as administrators. This is true, however, only if the Page creator adds someone new as an admin. Thus, it should be company policy that whoever creates a company Facebook page must immediately add a second administrator as soon as a Page is created. If that doesn’t happen, a Page creator will control your company Facebook Page forever.

Here’s a little wrinkle in Facebook’s operating paradigm that most businesses don’t consider: The creator of a Facebook Page can never be removed as an administrator. Put more directly, whichever employee uses his or her personal Facebook account to create your company Facebook Page will forever have access to it. Even if that employee leaves the company. Even if you fire that employee for gross negligence or criminal activity — like illegal use or abuse of your Facebook Page.

For those confused by the nomenclature, a Facebook Profile is the account used by a person. A Facebook Page is the account used by a brand or business. The distinction is made because multiple people (Profiles) can work for or administer a single business or brand (Page). The problem is that whichever person (Profile) first creates a Facebook Page can never be removed as an administrator. This setup works fine if the Facebook Page creator is the owner of the company. It doesn’t work so well when the creator of a company’s Facebook Page is the summer intern who leaves to take a paying gig at your direct competitor.

The only known workaround for this problem is to try to create the same Facebook Page over again — with exactly the same name as the existing Facebook Page — then fill out a form attached to the “this name is taken” error message. Then you wait for a manual response from Facebook, who will respond at their own convenience and anoint someone as the “rightful” owner of the Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, the former employee (who may have a grudge about the “former” part) retains full admin privileges to your company’s Facebook Page. Including the right alter or remove content, message or ban your Facebook fans, or outright delete the entire Page.

Hopefully, you’ve chosen a mature, professional employee to create your company Facebook Page; someone who would abstain from abusing his or her eternal admin privileges to your Facebook Page even after leaving the company. More likely, however, you assigned the task of creating a Facebook page to a normal human being.

Hope you’ve got a backup plan.

  • Thibault Milan

    you're wrong ! facebook now allow to give the ownership of a page to another administrator …

  • jgarmon

    Sorry, but you can only add additional admins. You can't ever remove the original admin. I'm quoting Facebook's own Help FAQ here (

    “There is currently no way to take away admin status from the creator of a Page. However, Page admins can add or remove other admins.”

    Whoever creates a Facebook Page can't be removed as an administrator. You have to petition Facebook to remove them using a byzantine and discretionary request process. There's no guarantee Facebook will agree and even if they do it may take quite a while.

  • SeancoJr

    According to what I have read, and as a result of Tamar Weiberg's 'Open Letter to Facebook', there is a workaround. You can just set up a page which is not owned by a profile by going to this url:

  • Timothy Post

    This information is incorrect.


  • Bert Cielen

    “Facebook Pages admins can remove other admins (now including the page creator) “


  • Timothy Post

    Nope. You're wrong. I deleted myself as an Admin from 6 Fan Pages, which I had previous created for clients.


  • digideth

    The blog post should be deleted, the info is wrong due to facebook updates this week.

    Someone mush have written this last week.

  • jgarmon

    The post has been updated to reflect the new Facebook functionality. Thanks for the sourced correction.

  • Payton_vege

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