Are you becoming a Facebook Ghost? Check your backups first.

Facebook Ghost
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As Jay mentioned in Why you shouldn’t delete your Facebook data — even if you delete it many Facebook users have decided that it is time to delete their accounts.  Several Backupify users have asked, “What exactly do you backup?”  That’s an important question.

We backup your uploaded photos, photos of you that have been tagged, your friends list, statuses, links, notes, and events.  Photos are only available in Facebook’s downsized resolution and all other data is in an xml file.

While backups work correctly in most cases, it is important that you check your backup archives before doing anything drastic.  For certain accounts, especially large ones, we have noticed inconsistencies in the data that the API returns.

Occasionally we see a message such as, “this API call could not be completed due to resource limits.”  This limitation may result in an incomplete download of statuses, friends, and other information.  We can only backup what the API returns.  If you’re planning on deleting your account, proceed with caution.

  • Mark K Curtis

    And you are not making this clearer to us in the account pages because? I have after deleting my account noticed that you are not correctly backing up either my facebook or twitter?
    So therefore, what is your selling point? A service that doesn't work.
    I give you a year.

  • backupify

    In most cases the data provided by the API is 100% complete and accurate. However, there are edge cases where the API does not provide the complete data set. Again, we can only backup the data that the Facebook and Twitter API returns.

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  • Mel Beckman

    I tried the Facebook backup. It backed up nearly nothing. No friends list, no links, notes, statuses, or events. No XML file anywhere to be seen in the Backify archive for my facebook account. You saved my photos and a single comment from my FB Wall. At a minimum I expected to get my friends list, since FB has made that info public to everyone! Not ready for prime time.

  • jon

    Does not work for FB. Nothing has been backed up

  • jon

    Won't let me reenter my FB login

    history states that you have no offline access.

  • Joe Maristela

    Been working great so far. You guys've saved my arse so many times.

  • Joe Pettinicco

    Same problem, tried the Facebook backup, it claims I have backed up FB twice however all it's managed to backup is a couple of my notes and my pictures. Not a single xml file, no friends list, not a single bit of data from my wall.

    Backupify gives little explanation for this other than blaming facebook, however several other backup solutions that I've tried have managed to successfully backup most or in some cases even all of my facebook data with no problems and in less time.

  • backupify

    Great to hear!

  • backupify

    Your first backup may take up to 48 hours depending on how much data you have on FB. If it still has not worked, please email and we will fix this for you ASAP.

  • CABird

    No instructions to configure Facbook back-up. Why?

  • backupify

    All you need to do is log in, add a Facebook service, and click the Facebook Connect blue button. Backupify takes it from there. Does this clarify?

  • Kari Alder

    My initial backup (in March) was successful, but it hasn't worked since. The archives indicate that 'We need offline access permission to back up your data.' How do I grant this permission? I didn't realize there was even an option. I tried deleting the connection and re-adding, to see if it was an initial option, without luck. Any advice?

  • backupify

    Please email and we'll look into this for you.

  • Teschek

    I've been on this service for months and it has never backed up Facebook for me, no matter what I do. Backs up gmail and flickr just fine, but not Facebook.

  • backupify

    Please email and we will look right into this for you.

  • Alex Mitsonis

    Backupify backups my Hotmail, but not Facebook… When I click on the archive, then a blank page appears. Please, fix this ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    First, try to disable then enable Facebook on your Backupify account. Sometimes this just resets the backup, it won’t get rid of any of your data. If that doesn’t work, you can you email and we will look into this for you.

  • Alexis Haddun Salwa

    yes, when i looked at my Facebook’s backup archive, there is nothing but photos.
    actually i have check the boxes including friends statuses and (even) all of the available boxes.
    so tell me how it works, best.

  • Anonymous

    We’re currently working on improving our Facebook backup service. If you have particular questions please direct them to and we can look into it further for you.

  • LF Bittencourt

    Google Chrome does not render the “Connect with Facebook” button.

  • ASE

    Was really hoping your service would also do “Fan/Like” pages.

  • Anonymous

    We actually have a Fan Page Backup coming very soon, stay tuned!

  • mg©o

    This is sad especially during a time when I was expecting my archive to be intact :-( Now all I face is a wide gaping hole

  • Anonymous

    Facebook’s recent API change requires us to rework the Facebook backup so we can retrieve all the same data and more if Facebook permits. We are working on these changes now, among many other things. Stay tuned, we promise it will be fixed as soon as possible! Sorry for the initial troubles.

    Kristin, Backupify

  • Robmusa

    Is there a way that you could back up the comments I have made outside of my own wall (i.e. to other users). That would be incredibly helpful.


  • Anonymous

    At the moment, no. Facebook’s API recently changed so it will also alter what we can get out of the system (sometimes more than other times) so we’ll see what they allow us to extract in the coming months/years.

  • Hhh

    Is it possible to backup fan page?

  • Anonymous

    Yes we have that coming VERY soon! Stay tuned to our blog for the official announcement :) We’re excited to share it with you.


  • Patrickjmahoney

    I am with Alex. I want to buy this service, for every month every one of my accounts of email and social sites; but neither Facebook or Blogger work. Now, I have 4,500 friends on facebook and 700 pages on Blogger; but guys, thats why I really need a backup…..especially given the propensity of haters to attack people (resulting in blocked, or disabled accounts…hence loss of all data) Time to ask specific questions to Facebook, about specific accounts that note problems (so far, everyone I know 😉 Bottom line? Its our data….our friends, contact information, pictures, comments, etc….They need to follow the law, and you might have to remind them; rather than beg from unreasonable people who are looking towards monopoly.

    Got it? No more API excuses, fix it….otherwise your service is useless. Like I said, most of us would be happy to pay; but we are waiting for delivery of results to prove you can do it first. Otherwise? Disporia, or some other individual hosting solution.

    Love your service, great idea…..lets get it working though… OK?

    It may sound like I am cranky, not really. Just wanting to have this done…..after many months of promises.

  • Robert Norris

    Chrome’s Flashblock extension interferes with the magic Javascript used to make the “Connect with Facebook” button work. Workaround is to add an exception or disable Flashblock. Its a flaw in Facebook’s Connect stuff, nothing to to with Backupify.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback, Robert!

  • Anonymous

    We completely understand your point of view, Patrick, and thank for stating them! We are completely on your side on this one. Next week we are rolling out what we are calling ‘Backupify 2.0’, essentially spruced up backup services (Yes, Facebook will be one of them for sure). We’ll be blogging about the new features/enhancements next week once it’s released. If you’re still having issues, please contact us further, for it’s our users that give us the best feedback on ways to improve our service.

    Thanks so much!


  • Nhale Ledo


  • Nhale Ledo


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  • Sherwood411

    I cannot connect with facebook??

  • Anonymous

    Can you contact and we can help you fix this asap?

  • Anonymous

    I’m still getting this now. I changed my FB password last week, and not unexpectedly, backupify went back to failing to access my data. But when I try to re-authorize it, the FB auto panel pops up and disappears, leaving behind the message “Such facebook user already exists” but it never asks me for my FB password.

  • Eric Agoncillo Ambata

    Hi, is there a way to backup Group Pages and “Fan Pages” on Facebook through a personal “admin” Facebook account? Cheers!

  • Kristin

    Hi Eric- we currently only support Facebook Profiles and Fan pages – not groups.

    – Kristin

  • Payton_vege

    Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

  • Suzieqsnow

    ‘Dont backup eat up alot of your memory?

  • Suzieqsnow

    Is’nt it posible to ‘backup’ more then once ?

  • Kacey Darvill