Why Lifestreambackup is ReBranding as Backupify

When we started this backup service almost a year ago now, I made the decision to call it Lifestreambackup because that is exactly what it was – a backup system for your Lifestream. I honestly thought it would be a little side business to throw off some cash and never anticipated it would become so popular. As much as I like the name, things have changed a lot so we felt like it was time to change the name too. The team has discussed this for a couple of months, and it ultimately boiled down to a few key reasons that drove us change the name.

1. Lifestreambackup is too long to use for a twitter handle, so we could never get twitter.com/lifestreambackup
2. Lots of people don’t understand the term “lifestreaming.” Some of our corporate clients thought of us as having some serene nature name, as if we were “Life Creek” or “Life River” backup. I’m surprised they signed on with a company that sounded so low-tech in their minds.
3. Everything else on the web ends in -ify so why not tack it on the end of backup too?
4. We have really moved beyond lifestreaming. Many of the tools we backup up (Basecamp, Google Docs, etc) aren’t really lifestreaming tools.
5. We can now get 7 more characters per tweet when we mention the company name.
6. We needed something web-ish but Backupr and Backupifyr weren’t available (just kidding).

I’ll be honest and say that I am the only one on the team who doesn’t really care for the name. I envision us having a problem with a user account and then the user referring to us as “backup – iffy”. I guess we will just have to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So why did I give in? Mainly because I know that my tastes for naming conventions (along with my tastes for restaurants, music, clothes, hobbies, and most other things in life) have a very low correlation to the tastes of the rest of the world. If everyone else likes Backupify, then I assume they are probably right that most of our users will like it better too.

The change is going on now, and sometime in the next few days you will start to see the Backupify name everywhere and all the Lifestreambackup terminology dropped or, in the case of URLs, forwarded to the new domain.

Word was starting to leak out about the name change, and I was getting a lot of questions. One of our customers, Janet Fouts, asked if she could write about point #2 above as part of a larger blog post, and so I decided it was time to write about the change and make it public so that people can start getting used to the new name.

Initially all you will see is a name change. Then in coming weeks you will see a bridge design that has elements of the old Lifestreambackup and elements foreshadowing the final Backupify design we will implement later this year. That’s intentional because we realize that for a backup service, sometimes people don’t login for months at a time. We wanted to give those people a chance to recognize that they were in the right place and not spring an entirely new design on them from the day of the name change. At the same time, we are using this new design effort as a chance to entirely redesign the internal user interface to make it more helpful and easier to navigate. There is a lot to look forward to in coming months, and we just want to thank those of you who have been customers the past 11 months, despite some of our early shortcomings. Your comments and suggestions have been invaluable.

If you have thoughts about the name change, feel free to leave a comment or send us email. It will be interesting to see if our customer base agrees with our management team on the name change.

  • http://fragerfactor.com owen frager

    I think you should name it “Save To Life” (.com)
    The ify will confuse spell check and voice search of the future and lower your Google ranking because it isn’t a recognized word

  • http://www.andyswan.com Andy Swan

    Who cares. It’s the iPhone of backup systems on the web. Any idiot can see that, no matter what the name. You could call it steamingpile.com and I’d still use it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://mikecampbellcpa.us Mike Campbell

    Damn, Andy stole my thunder. I was going to write the same thing except not as clever as streamingpile. How about “Big Ass Backup” to piggy back off another successful Kentucky company, Big Ass Fans. Yeah, maybe too close. How about Bad Ass Backup because it is the best backup on the web. Just kidding, keep backupify. No matter what you call, I will keep using it because I am a big ass fan.

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  • http://www.jaygarmon.net Jay Garmon

    For it’s worth, this passes my Totally Not Stupid filter. And if you don’t snag Andy’s comment as a testimonial pull quote, I’ll contact Ignat directly and have him do it for you. That’s a money line.

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  • Daryl

    Talking of your Twitter handle – you need to fill out your profile so that anyone looking at it as a result of a mention gets pointed to the website!