Giving Thanks For Our Favorite Apps

Backupify Thanksgiving

As of July 2014, Android users could choose between 1.3 million apps. 1.3 million! We live in an app-centric world and with Thanksgiving approaching, we’re giving thanks for these apps…we’re thankful for this app-y world where we can be more productive, more creative, more organized, and even healthier….all through the power of apps. Below is [...]

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Google Apps Hack for Security-Minded Admins: Take Advantage of User Activity Alerts and Reports

Google Apps secure alerts and reports

Google offers domain admins a host of built-in security monitoring tools, provided you know where to look for them. In Backupify’s latest eBook “3 Brilliant Hacks for Google Apps Admins” we address some important tricks of the trade for the enterprise-grade domain admin looking to ensure their Google Apps users are safe and secure. Below we [...]

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Why You Need to Use Google Vault and Backupify Together

Google Vault and Backupify together

“We use Google Vault with Google Apps, so we’re backed up, right?” In a word: no. At most, Google Vault preserves email and allows an authorized person to search existing Google Drive files. Google Vault provides email retention, search and export for organizations that use Google Apps for Work. An Apps administrator creates a “matter” [...]

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Get the Lowdown on Organizational Units and Permissions Management for Google Apps (Complimentary Webinar)

Backupify Org. Units webinar

In most organizations, roles vary and therefore access to information and tools vary. The CIO has greater access to information than the help desk admin and so forth. If you’re a Google Apps admin and your company is using Google Apps or about to implement Google, knowing how best to manage user accounts and administrative [...]

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Applause Protects Google Apps and Salesforce Data with Backupify


If you’re in the business of creating mobile applications, than you’ve likely heard of Applause, the 360° app quality company that enables brands to deliver winning digital experiences from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. The company uses Google Apps and Salesforce to manage data and collaboration for a global staff of 300+ employees and partners, 140,000 testers, and customers [...]

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