Puppet Labs Protects Data and Saves Serious Man Hours With Backupify

Backupify customer Puppet Labs

Haven’t heard of Puppet Labs? If you’re a system administrator at your company, you might be using them soon. The rapidly growing, Portland, Oregon-based company offers software that helps system admins automate the configuration and ongoing management of machines and the software running on them, so that they can ideally spend less time fighting fires [...]

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Salesforce Behaviors: from Data to Discussions

Tracking data used to be as difficult as tracking time but Salesforce has changed that

In the Middle Ages, timekeeping was difficult — and centralized. A town, church, or an estate would hire a clockkeeper to maintain a large, complex timepiece. A clockkeeper had to understand math and mechanical objects to keep a clock working. Today, we check the time on our phone or watch. More than a decade ago, [...]

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