Evaluate the Cloud with Confidence: Here’s How

When it’s time to evaluate the latest, greatest cloud application, how confident are you that your company is asking the right questions? Or more importantly, is your company asking the right questions when it comes to security and the security of your data? Whether its Google Apps, Salesforce.com, Box, SmartSheet or other cloud apps, companies [...]

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Happy SysAdmin Day – Show IT Some Love!


This July 25th marks the 15th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, or SysAdmin Day for short. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it, but for those of you who haven’t, SysAdmin Day is the holiday for showing the IT professionals in your life some love. After all, what would we do without these technologically-gifted heroes? [...]

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Google Adds Drive to Google Apps Vault: Why You Still Need a Second Copy of Your Data

Google Vault users need a second copy of their data

As part of the Google Drive for Work introduction (or Google Apps Unlimited which is the official product name for the new offering), Google recently announced they were adding the Google Drive service to their Google Apps Vault offering. As a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner, we think this is an important product update and [...]

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Google’s Audit APIs and Backupify

Google Audit APIs and Backupify

As a new Google Apps Premier Technology Partner, we’re excited to see Google’s continued support for more enterprise-level features. This support is good for Backupify, good for our mutual customers, and good for the ecosystem in general. A perfect example is the recent improvements that Google announced in Google Drive for Work. With the launch [...]

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