Take Your Google Docs Word Processing Skills to the Next Level: 4 Hacks

Secret Hacks for Google Docs

We know, we know….you’ve been using Microsoft Word your entire life to meet all your word processing needs. Microsoft Word has long been considered the heavyweight and undisputed champion of word processing. But now your team is on Google Apps and with that you have access to Google Docs for improved collaboration. While Google Docs [...]

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Protecting Your Data Layer: Datto Acquires Backupify

Datto and Backupify

Backup is undergoing a revolution.  What was once a simple technology, copying data from one central data source to another for backup and restore purposes, has become increasingly complex in a world where the location of your data is ever more fragmented.  The world needs a new approach, and today, we are proud to announce [...]

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Google Apps Security in Minutes: The Settings You Need to Review Today

Google Apps security in minutes

If you’re running the Google Apps domain for your company and you value security, there are several settings that should be reviewed every month or so. Don’t worry, reviewing these Google Apps security settings should only take a few minutes. Below is a handy Google Apps security checklist. For in-depth details on these seven steps, [...]

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